Welcome to Find It FAST

The shopping list program you access from any device that surfs the internet.
This is a demo which currently requires entering the items manually.
The idea is everything in a store would already be added to the master list and you would simply
pick items to add to your shopping list.

The Master list would have the UPC code, Description, Aisle location etc. already in for each store.
There are about 380 items in the master list now.

More items can be added by clicking the "Add New Items manually" button... or if you have a bar-code scanner
clicking the "Add New Items by Scanning the UPC code" button.

  • Create a shopping list for multiple stores.
  • Shows any item on your list exactly on a map.
  • Add or delete items from any device.
  • Simply create a user name and login, then choose items from the stores list.
  • Shows the quickest route through the store by sorting the Aisle column, so Aisles are shown next to each other.
  • Saves time and money by only going to the aisles on your list.
  • Great for elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • #Shows a map of the exact store.

  • Add new items for any store by keying in Description, UPC, Aisle etc.
  • Add items to your Shopping list by scanning the UPC code.
  • Requires a Barcode scanner connected to the device >>>

  • *Coupons will show in the upper right for any qualifying items in your Grocery List!
  • #The MAP Currently only works in Internet Explorer

  • * For this a demo; there are no real coupons.