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Course # CGS3850.591S14
Web Development: JavaScript & jQuery

DOM Methods

The HTML DOM (Document Object Model)

The DOM Programming Interface

DOM Document

do a few examples

DOM Elements

Finding HTML Elements by Id

Finding HTML Elements by Tag Name.htm

HTML Elements by HTML Object Collections


Changing the HTML Output Stream

Changing HTML Content

Changes the content of an H1 element

Changing the Value of an Attribute


Changing HTML Style

Using Events

DOM Events

Reacting to Events

Function is called from the event handler

HTML Event Attributes

Assign Events Using the HTML DOM

The onload and onunload Events

The onchange Event

The onmouseover and onmouseout Events

The onmousedown, onmouseup and onclick Events

DOM Navigation

Child Nodes and Node Values

Using the firstChild property

DOM Root Nodes

DOM Nodes

Creating New HTML Elements (Nodes)

Creating new HTML Elements - insertBefore

Removing Existing HTML Elements

Replacing HTML Elements

DOM Nodelist

HTML DOM Node List

HTML DOM Node List Length