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Course # CGS3850.591S14
Web Development: JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript Basic Examples

Basic JavaScript Examples

Write to the Document with JavaScript

Change HTML elements with JavaScript

An external JavaScript

JavaScript Statements, Comments and Blocks

JavaScript statements

JavaScript blocks

Single line comments

Multiple lines comments

Single line comment to prevent execution

Multiple lines comment to prevent execution

JavaScript Variables

Declare a variable, assign a value to it, and display it

JavaScript Conditional If ... Else

If statement

If...else statement

Random link

Switch statement

JavaScript Popup Boxes

Alert box

Alert box with line breaks

Confirm box

Prompt box

JavaScript Functions

Call a function

Function with an argument

Function with an argument 2

Function that returns a value

Function with arguments, that returns a value

JavaScript Loops

For loop

Looping through HTML headers

While loop

Do While loop

Break a loop

Break and continue a loop

Use a statement to loop through the elements of an object

JavaScript Events

Acting to the onclick event

Acting to the onmouseover event

JavaScript Error Handling

The try...catch statement

The try...catch statement with a confirm box

The onerror event

Advanced JavaScript Examples

Create a welcome cookie

Simple timing

Another simple timing

Timing event in an infinite loop

Timing event in an infinite loop - with a Stop button

A clock created with a timing event

Create a direct instance of an object

Create an object constructor