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Web Development: JavaScript & jQuery

JavaScript Object Examples

JavaScript Objects

Creating a Direct Instance

Alternative syntax (using object literals)

Advanced JavaScript Using an Object Constructor

Adding Methods to JavaScript Objects

Looping through the properties of an object

JavaScript Number Object

Precision Numbers

Octal and Hexadecimal

Advanced JavaScript CovertToString

Advanced JavaScript Infinity

Division by 0 (zero)

NaN - Not a Number

Division by 0 (zero) but its a number

Nasty side effects

JavaScript Strings

JavaScript Strings

Strings Length

Finding a String in a String

Matching Content

Replacing Content

Upper Case and Lower Case

Convert a String to an Array

Strings Can be Strings or Objects

Strings Can be Strings or Objects Nasty Side Effects

JavaScript Date

Return today's date and time

Advanced JavaScript Get Full Year

Advanced JavaScript Get Time

Advanced JavaScript set Full Year

Advanced JavaScript to UTC String

Advanced JavaScript Get Day

Advanced JavaScript Display a clock

JavaScript Array

Create an array and assign values to it

Create New Methods

Join two arrays - concat

Join three arrays - concat

Join all elements of an array into a string - join

Remove the last element of an array - pop

Add new elements to the end of an array - push

Reverse the order of the elements in an array - reverse

Remove the first element of an array - shift

Select elements from an array - slice

Sort an array (alphabetically and ascending) - sort

Sort numbers (numerically and descending) - sort

Add an element to position 2 in an array - splice

Convert an array to a string - toString

Add new elements to the beginning of an array - unshift

JavaScript Boolean

Check Boolean value

JavaScript Boolean prototype constructor Property

Boolean toString Method

Boolean valueof Method

JavaScript Math





JavaScript RegExp

RegExp Modifiers Example 1

RegExp Modifiers Example 2

RegExp Modifiers Example 3

RegExp Modifiers Example TEST

E Property

LN2 Property

LN10 Property

LOG2E Property

PI Property

SQRT1_2 Property

SQRT2 Property

JavaScript Math Object Methods

abs method

acos method

asin method

atan method

atan2 method

ceil method

cos method

exp method

floor method

log method

max method

min method

pow method

random method

round method

sin method

sqrt method

tan method