Pickup People

Pickup People facilitates picking up people using vehicles in a line.  The system allows any device
that can surf the web to be used.  Two devices are required. One device is called the Sender the
other device is the Receiver. The Sender can be a phone, tablet or scanner.
The Receiver can be a phone, tablet or Windows PC.

To use the Program surf to the WEB this site and click on the Home Tab then Sender Link.
1. Choose First letter of  the persons last name. A-Z
2. Click 'Pic' button next to their name.
3. Click buttons 1 to 4, to send the person to appropiate position.
4. That's it! The name is then sent to list. Top most person is the last one picked.
       Repeat steps 1 to 4 for all vehicles in line.
5. The Receiver screen can be opened on one or more other devices so several people
   can see who is next in line.  Its shows who was picked with the most recent person on top.
  As a person is picked from the Sendor or optional RFID it sends the names to the Receiver(s).
  Multiple Recivers can be used at once so several people can help with line coordination.

Optional: Software for Windows PC allows announcing of the persons name over the computer speakers.
RFID tags and scanner can be used instead of the Sender. (Eveyones stays warm, dry and safe inside.)
   RFID options requires each vehicle to have a tag. The RFID scanner requires a Windows PC.
   RFID option comes with one
announcing Receiver program for another PC.
Windows PC can be connected to a large screen monitor which can show the Receivers list to a large group
   of viewers.
Windows PC can be connected to large speakers to loudly announce  (last) top person in list.

Copyright 2012. PickUp System. Created by Doug Poston.  
email: doug @ pcsupportguru . com (remove spaces)