4Ft Giant Pencils. (Hand Made in Central, FL USA)

Giant 4ft Pencil looks so real it could write, but does not. Made of "Real" Wood.  in USA
Pencils can be made with any word(s) or letter(s). You customize it the way you like with specific teachers name(s) or school name etc. This is included Free in the price. Also any Windows True Type font can be used. If you have a specific font you use for your logo email it to me. Pencil can be painted other colors beside yellow.  Contact us Toys @ DoogiesToyShop . com (remove spaces) for specifics.or Contact Us

New Colored Pencils

Any Words,

Any Logo,

Any Font,

Any Color.

Just email us


These colored pencil were custom made based on customer going to Home improvement store and selecting colors on their WEB site. Customer then emailed me the color numbers. I got the colors created at my local store and painted the pencils. We can do the same for you!

Note: Since they are made one at time no two are alike and may vary depending on color shades and materials available at time of production.  Can be mounted, hung or just laid sideways. Since there are many ways to display the pencil we don't provide any mounting hardware. But typically people use Hex Head anchor bolts or large wood screws.
The eraser is removable which is why the one in the middle picture is crooked, its not shoddy workmanship.

Notice: Your words or saying can be in Any Language there's is a computer font for. Just email words to us.

Ejemplos español (Hecho en Tampa, la Florida LOS E.E.U.U.)

Exemples français (Fait à Tampa, la Floride Etats-Unis)

Pencils can be:

Notes: contact me if you wish the words to be horizontal or vertical.
I will provide artwork before making to ensure no errors.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery
(could be sooner)

email me    Toys @ DoogiesToyShop . com  < copy and paste in your email program and remove spaces.

Pencil cost $65.00+Shipping includes your wording.

Also shown is a pencil, giant paper clip and a yard stick in the middle for comparison

Height comparison 5'7" Person. She holds the very first large pencil ever made especially for her.


November 2016

January 2017

May 2017

NEW smaller desk display approx 20in long x 2.5" thick.

Student of the Month Plaque.  Each students name and grade is printed on Paper and hung below.

December 2015

December 2015

December 2016

December 2016

New smaller Half -a- pencil is sliced down the middle.

Email us if you want a smaller pencil for $35 + Shipping & Handling
 Toys @ DoogiesToyShop . com  < copy and paste in your email program and remove spaces.

Enter Letters here


over 3 dozen pencils have been made for over 10 years.
To the Editor of a Children's Magazine ("The Best Editor")
Numerous Teachers both English and Spanish Speaking (pic's to follow)
2 Student of the Month
Sign in here
Churches Schools, nation wide, examples below.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (could be sooner)

Note: Due to manufacturers discontinuing paint colors; the eraser and other parts of the pencil might be a different color that shown here. We strive to make it as appealing as possible and true to our design of a pencil.

  $65.00+Shipping each includes any words or letters up to as many will fit on .  

Cross Pencil
made with 2 Giant Pencils

Email us  Toys @ DoogiesToyShop . com

Pencil Cross®  is  Trademark of DoogiesToyShop.com

Pencil Cross® for Lutheran school. The schools logo is a sketch of two pencils as seen at their WEB site.
The first cross pencil was given as a gift to the Churches school to celebrate there 25th Anniversary.

Pencil Cross® for another Lutheran School, and I presented it to the Pastor and Staff.

Doug Poston, Designer and Builder holding one of his Cross Pencils


Cost is $175+Shipping with any lettering on one or both pencils. Please allow up to 4 weeks to create.
email me    Toys @ DoogiesToyShop . com  < copy and paste in your email program and remove spaces.

 Pencil Cross®  is  Trademark of DoogiesToyShop.com

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